UX/UI Designer    B2B Marketing Website    February - June 2018    Completed at Ironpaper


  UX/UI Designer

  B2B Marketing Website

  February - June 2018

  Completed at Ironpaper


  UX/UI Designer

  B2B Marketing Website

  February - June 2018

  Completed at Ironpaper


  UX/UI Designer

  B2B Marketing Website

  February - June 2018

  Completed at Ironpaper


Mobilewalla collects and models comprehensive mobile data to provide strategic, targeted consumer profiles and insights for advertising and market research.

In early 2018, their marketing website was outdated and hard to maintain: updating the site’s hardcoded HTML documents required technical support, and their public product positioning was thoroughly out-of-date. Mobilewalla retained the Ironpaper team to create a modern website infrastructure, a refreshed look and feel, and search-optimized website copy.


  • Generate qualified inbound leads for the sales team to nurture through to new closed and won business.
  • Create a refreshed website look and feel based off updated logo design, color and typography provided by the client.
  • Update website messaging to more effectively convey services and value.

Original Mobilewalla Homepage



Information Architecture

The original site had only 15 pages, with few opportunities built in for conversion. Product and services took a back seat in the nav order to information "About" Mobilewalla. The sole conversion opportunity was on the "Contact Us" page, which also funneled generic business requests and career inquiries.

Original Sitemap

Version 2


Our v2 of the website architecture took Mobilewalla's core product - "Audience Data" - to the primary spot in the navigation, while offering additional buyer-centric content in the "Clients" section. We also added a clear sales call-to-action to the final position in the top nav.

While the focus on services was an improvement, "Audience Data" wasn't the best title for the product section of the site: in v3, we updated it to "Consumer Insights" and decided to split the "Clients" into two sections, "Industries" and "Partners." I also updated "Get Started" to use conversion-focused language, inviting visitors to "Request a Free Trial."

After a few more rounds of revisions, our final approach (v6) featured the persona-oriented "Solutions" section as the first item in the main navigation: our goal was to use value-focused language to make it immediately clear how Mobilewalla's products served their highly segmented audience. For visitors who wanted product-specific information, the core offerings were also quickly accessed via in the second item in the main navigation.


After receiving approval on the website architecture, I began wireframing out the website templates. The homepage featured a brand positioning statement, key client and partner logos, and some of the most impressive statistics about Mobilewalla's data insights.

Initial Homepage Sketch


To ensure that content marketing efforts (which were planned as a major focus of the future retainer work) got enough real estate, I also included an area for the latest blog posts and a downloadable offer towards the end of the page.

Finally, the last section of the page provided a conversion point at the bottom of the marketing funnel: if a user scrolled all the way through the homepage content, they have shown a significant degree of interest. Therefore, we wanted to ensure the "Free Trial" offer was easily accessed.

Homepage Wireframe

User Interface & Visual Design

Mobilewalla provided an updated color palette for us to utilize during the design of the new marketing website.

Mobilewalla Brand Colors


My first pass at the homepage design utilized the secondary brand colors throughout the layout, as well as in vector illustrations. After reviewing the design with the client, we decided the bright secondary colors and illustrations didn't quite match with Mobilewalla's identity (though I did personally love the playful personality of this look).

In my second pass, the secondary color palette was reserved for small highlights throughout the design, such as image overlays, while layout elements and iconography utilized the primary orange and gray shades.

Homepage v1


In lieu of the bright visuals from the first version, I adapted a set of modern vector illustrations for our second attempt. Paired with simple iconography and full-width photos, the new design kept the focus on the site's messaging and conveyed a modern, international brand.

Homepage v2


Flexible Interior Page   •  Flexible Modules    Blog Listing    Blog Post

Once we received approval from the client, we extended the layout patterns established on the homepage through a series of flexible components.

Within a flexible, one-column template, a variety of modules could be combined to create different page layouts. This allowed us to keep a content-first approach while maintaining the project momentum.

An example of Flexible Modules within the website tool in HubSpot.


Since the site was built within the HubSpot CMS, I designed layouts for the full complement of marketing tools: this naturally included website pages, but also templates for landing pages, the blog, and email.

Demo Landing Page   •  SEO Landing Page    Simple Email Template


In the three months following the website launch in 2018, Mobilewalla saw consistent lead gen growth and increased traffic from organic search. The client was also delighted with the results:

“The Ironpaper team is the perfect mix of creativity and organization. Funny, smart, and delightfully easy to work with!

Haley Dercher, Director of Marketing at Mobilewalla


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